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  1. Drink wine with fish: A glass of wine with your fish dish can bring out the flavors even better. For example, a fresh white wine goes well with oily fish such as salmon, while a lighter red wine goes well with white fish such as cod.

  2. Use herbs and spices: Use herbs and spices to enhance the flavor of fish. For example, dill, thyme and lemon go well with fish dishes.

  3. Try different cooking methods: Try different cooking methods, such as steaming, grilling, baking or frying, to find out which method works best with the fish.

  4. Use sauces: Use sauces such as hollandaise or beurre blanc to enhance the flavor of fish.

  5. Serve with side dishes: Serve fish with side dishes such as vegetables, salads or rice to round out the taste.

  6. Experiment with different types of fish: Try different types of fish, such as tuna, trout, cod or salmon, to discover which fish is your favorite and which preparation works best with the fish.

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